Life is here!

For a more comfortable sleeping experience, choose
Evita Life®


About Us

Evita Life® is a registered brand that has been offering bed, base, and headboard products belonging to Evita Mobilya since 2017.

With product designs that have emerged as a result of experienced colleagues and intense R&D studies in order to offer the most comfortable and ergonomic experience in the bed, where we spend one-third of our lives, Evita Life® has become a brand that symbolizes trust and quality in the industry.

Evita Life® provides its customers with the most comfortable sleeping experience to start a more beautiful day after a quality sleep every morning.

Thanks to our products that are carefully produced and the natural and environmentally friendly raw materials used, you can rest healthy, peaceful, and ergonomic at every moment of your sleep. The concepts produced for practical use will always provide you with freshness and comfort in daily use. In addition, its timeless designs and carefully selected fabrics will remind you every day how right decision you have made for your bedroom's elegant look.

With the slogan 'Life is Here,' Evita Life® has defined its vision and mission. It has proven that high-quality products can be produced in Central Anatolia and beautiful works can be done by working together focused on the same goal. Approaching labor and workers with the respect they deserve, Evita Life® follows the philosophy of 'Life is Here' with confidence and stability with the investments made in Central Anatolia.